NC Press Brake


  • Special bending dies
  • Special pedal system with two hand and foot control
  • Special safety systems (DSP, FIESSLER)
  • Additional length in backgauge
  • Extra back gauge duck
  • Extra front support arm
  • Motorized R-axis with precision movement
  • Manual or Motorized Cambering on Lower Blade


  • Bending system with Double Cylinder on the upper table
  • Static and dynamic rigidity provided, strong construction with steel frame and upper table material
  • Upper table movement supported by easily adJustable fiber slide bearings
  • Durable balancing spindle and eccentric bearings that aid parallelism
  • Stroke controlled angle adJustment mechanism with mechanical-stop system and motor control
  • High stroke and front opening values that facilitate the use of different bending molds
  • Easy tonnage adJustment with pressure switch and stop at lower stroke point via NC control
  • Hydraulic safety system against excessive pressure rise
  • Double speed working system free fall, slow bend and fast return
  • Safety enabled foot pedal with emergency stop connected to the NC
  • Controller, enables safe work environment and compatible with CE
  • Compact, low maintenance needed HAWE or REXROTH hydraulic system unit located at the top of the machine
  • Service solution with remote connection with European origin SIEMENS and PIZZATO, BALLUF electrical equipments
  • LEUZE brand security system, in the front area enables different forms with learning mode
  • NC control unit, which can write standard 500 programs / 200 lines in each, And easy save and load programs from USB
  • Standard upper and lower molds
  • Motorized X back gauge with high speed and programmed via NC control supported with linear guideways 600 mm gauge distance and 0.2 mm operating precision,
  • Y AXIS Angle Setting by Motor and NC Controller available
  • Quick-release PROMECAM upper Die clamping system for partial and quick disassembly Manual crowning system which can be adJusted with the help of wedge from the upper die holders
  • Easily floating arm control panel
  • Front support arms that can be easily moved with linear slide and bearing systems
  • Tightening and fixing bolts to center the bottom die
  • Sensetive prgrammable retreat function on Backgauge to avoid collision